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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The weekend- just weighed in

Well, it's working- it'll be a slow process but Billy and I have both lost a couple lbs each and we have not broken once. We have been eating really healthy. And it's not a diet! :) It's a lifestyle change. We are committed to this healthy living and it feels good.

Here's the meal/ exercise update:

Fri- Breakfast: fruit shake
Snack: Protein bar
Lunch: Chicken Salad- mmm, we had left over chicken from when we made fajitas and it was good in the salad- we didn't even need dressing.
Dinner- Leftovers- meatloaf (low fat) w/ a baked potatoe and cooked veggies- carrots, corn and green beans.

We didn't work out- we missed Yoga this week but that is the only workout we missed and I think we are doing pretty good w/ our busy lifestyle and a newborn in the house. So I don't feel too bad about it.

Sat- Breakfast: scrambled eggs (egg whites)
Snack: Peanut Butter protein bar
Lunch: Fruit Shake
Dinner: Hamburgers- extra lean turkey burger on whole wheat bread w/ veggies on side

Workout: Legs and Back. This is a killer! Not as hard as Plyo but it's definetly runner up. Lots of lunges and squats- oh the chair squats are HARD! And calf raises and pullups (or for me it's a back exercise with the bands) any way lots of variety and with the abs it was a good 1 hr 15 min. exercise and it felt good. I'm already getting better with abs.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here we go- again

Well, here it is a year later and after one pregnancy and the birth of another baby, we are back to the out of shape category. And we are tired of it and ready to do something about it!
We are starting P90X again. This time I thought I'd really try to log our diet and exercise for anyone that is interested in reading what we are doing and for our own motivation.
I just have to catch up b/c it is hard for me to get on here every day. So here's what we've done so far:

Mon- Breakfast- fruit/ protein shake: 1 cup of mixed frozen fruit, fat free milk, protein powder and ice. Mmm, it's good- chocolate flavored!

Snack: Protein bar- mmm, another thing that feels like cheating but it's not. Caramel nut blast.

Lunch: Club Salad. 2 cups lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, green onion, avacado, broccoli, carrots, and 8 pieces of fat free deli meat- ham and turkey w/ fat free Italian dressing.

Snack: banana

Dinner: Pizza! Low fat whole wheat Pita w/ a little spagetthi sauce, 97% fat free turkey burger (seasoned like taco meat), and fat free mozzarella cheese w/ green beans on the side (no butter)

Workout: Chest and back- pullups and pushups. However I did "pull ups" with the bands this time- and it was so much better! Didn't make very many pushups each time- I was lucky if I got 10 doing it girly style. Billy of course pushes really hard and is now feeling it! What a workout. Abs was hard!!! I could barely do any of the exercises and now that we've done this before I can compare to when I was in really good shape. I kept thinking- I used to be able to keep up with them! We'll get back to that but I felt like I barely did anything in the ab workout and I'm still sore.

Tues- Breakfast: Fruit shake w/ protein powder

Snack: Protein bar- cookie dough this time- mmm, that's good!

Lunch: Chicken salad

Snack: All Natural Almonds w/ raisins

Dinner: Fajitas- whole wheat low fat tortilla, chicken breast cooked w/ no fat (add bell peppers and green chilis) and fat free refried beans. Had some corn on the side.

Workout- Plyometrics! It's a killer. Soooo hard. I did the motified version the whole time or even easier (like marching in place when I was burnt out) and still it was hard!! But I did it- and that always feels good!

Wed- Fruit shake- wanted eggs but didn't have enough time... still good the 3rd day in a row though- and really easy for a quick breakfast on the go.

Snack- another cookie dough bar b/c I liked it so much the day before

Lunch- Fat free sandwhich meat on a corn tortilla w/ fat free cheese and lettuce w/ some salsa. Billy had onions and tomatoes on his. (3 of them)

Snack- Low fat turkey jerky

Dinner- Chicken on the grill w/ italian dressing and worchestire sauce for seasonings... california blend vegetables on the side- and a whole lot of them!

Workout: Shoulders and arms- this was pretty hard b/c it was just so many repetitions but I like this workout. We were both sore and exhausted when we started it so when we finished we were pretty beat up. Billy's worried he won't be able to hold Jaren when we bless him b/c he'll be too sore- and then he'll be walking funny in front of the whole congregation. So if you're there watch for that. haha.

Thursday- Breakfast: Scrambled eggs- egg whites only w/ green onions and tomatoes topped w/ fat free mozzarella cheese and a veggie sausage on the side

Snack: Peanut butter protein bar

Lunch: Protein/ fruit shake

Snack: Almonds and raisins

Dinner: Meatloaf w/ extra lean ground turkey burger, a baked potatoe (a little olive oil and salt), and cooked broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Phase

We've completed the program... kinda. It got really hard to keep up with the exercising but we did our best. So now we are starting over with another 90 days.
I am on week two of the Lean program. I really like it! The hardest days for me to do on the classic program were Mondays where we did a bunch of pull ups and push ups and Tuesdays where we did plyometrics. Plyometrics is so hard and exhausting and it was really hard towards the end to want to do such an extreme workout... too much jumping...
Anyway so the lean program seems better suited for women. I like it so much better. There is a cardio workout that is comparitive to Plyometrics but not as hard. I like it so much better. The other days are the same, and I am really liking this new program. I have more motivation to work out now that I'm doing lean. Although last week I was sick, so I only worked out 4 days. This week I'll be getting in 5-6.
I still have more work to do. I am pretty happy with the results I have seen so far. (And happy that I am fitting into sz 7-8!) But I still need some work on toning my arms and post baby tummy. I'm not trying to be obsessive, I just really want to get rid of this extra fat. I'm feeling so much better after loosing 45 lbs, and I know I will feel even better if I didn't have to feel uncomfortable or self conscience about hiding my tummy.
And Billy is looking great and seeing great results. He is toned and seeing definition. His arms have gotten really big again. BUT he still has some goals too. He is doing classic again and would like to really bulk up and start lifting heavier and then he says when he hits a plateau he'll do more reps and break down the muscle and get toned and lean and then go back to bulking up again after. So he's got it all figured out. And he's got a lot more motivation then me. He's doing good and I know he'll keep going.
Lately I've been wanting to back off the diet here and there and have a sandwhich with chips or something and he will totally resist "those empty calories". I'm glad I have him around to help with motivation. He's doing great.
So that's what we're up to now. We are so happy we are getting healthy and loosing those extra pounds we've been carrying around these last 6 yrs.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Our kitchen counter

P90X has taken over our kitchen counter! That's how dedicated we are. :) Ok, I'll explain. We had to get a new blender since we use ours pretty much every day now (for fruit shakes, slushy recovery drinks- that taste like Orange Julius- and sometimes for soups) So we've been using it so much that our old one died on us, and it was time to get a new one (the 1st one we've actually boughten since we've been married). So that's our nice new blender, and then I just got those new canisters b/c we had these big ol' tubs taking over all our counter space. We had 2 big tubs of protein powder and one w/ a recovery drink powder. So I had to get those, so it would actually look nice. And there's multivitamins in the last one.
OK, and then there's the hand held blender which we a lot of time use for our recovery drinks, and there's the scale (self explanitory, right?)
After I got all that new stuff I just thought it was kind of cool how that whole counter was P90X related.
And you should see our fridge! The fruit and vegetable drawers are always PACKED full, and then the whole bottom shelf has vegetables. The middle shelf pretty much has eggs and a loaf of bread for the kids. The freezer has mostly frozen vegetables, frozen chicken, fish, turkey burger, etc. But it is so cool to see all healthy stuff!
We're doing good. We took 30 day pics and already we are both seeing a big transformation. But Billy wants to wait to post pics until 60 or 90 days that way there's more dramatic results.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My exercise insight

So I was mopping the floors this morning and I had a thought. OK, I DO NOT like cleaning...who does? But I do it b/c I can't stand to live in filth and unorganization/ clutter. So even though I don't like cleaning I do it b/c I feel better when it's done. I feel less stress when the house is clean; it feels, calmer, happier in our home when the house is clean. If the floors are a mess I do not feel good about just letting it go, and if I don't do it that day I feel bad, but once I get it done I feel so good that I've done it even if it wears me out.
Then I had an epiphany (haha) I started comparing it to exercising. Last night we didn't exercise and I didn't feel as good physically or mentally. I felt guilty, and at the end of the night I was wishing I would've just done it.
Also, now when I exercise, I feel really good after I'm done. And mentally, I'm proud of myself that I did it. So it's kind of like cleaning the house; sometimes I'm so tired that I don't want to do it, but once I get it done it is so worth it and I feel so much better.
I need to remember that when I don't feel like exercising (how good I feel once I'm done)
So it's been a little since I've updated. The last two days of last week were legs and back (which is not as hard as plyometrics but still a good work out) and then Kenpo X, which I'm really starting to like! The more I do it the more I like it, b/c there's a lot less "What the heck? How do you do that? What is he doing?" Once I started getting the hang of it, I was like this is actually pretty fun.
One time I was in a boxing pose and I was trying to get the footing down so I wasn't doing much w/ my arms and Billy looks over at me and says "You look like Will doing his chicken dance." I could not stop laughing!!! It was so funny, and then every time I'd get in the stance I'd think of Will doing his chicken dance and start laughing again. haha
This week is recovery week. We were really looking forward to this week b/c we thought it'd be so easy! We saw that there was Yoga (which we orginally thought was going to be easy but soon found out it's not as easy as we thought) so Yoga, and X Stretch. We've never done X Stretch b/c it's always on the 7th day which is either Rest or X Stretch and we always choice rest. Then there's Core Synergitics. This ones new to us but we figured it couldn't be too hard since it's on the recovery week. Yeah! (insert sarcasm here) It kicked our butt. This week is not the easy week we thought it would be. Maybe none of it'll be easy... but it's worth it.
30 day Result pictures coming soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoulders & Arms/ Yoga

We had Shoulders and Arms on Wednesday. Compared to day 1 and day 2 it is not bad. I actually really like working my arms. Maybe my arms can take a lot b/c they're used to carrying around a baby many hours of the day for yrs now. At any rate, I really like this work out. It burns after awhile of course; there are many repetitions and the last three are always tough for more, but it's a great work out.

We missed yesterday. You can rest one day a week (or do X Stretch) and yesterday it just didn't happen, so that was our one rest day.

Today we did Yoga. It's harder than you think people! It really is not easy. The first time I did it I realized I'm not very strong and I don't have good balance... at all. I think I am already getting stronger and getting better balance, but I still have a ways to go. I am definetly seeing improvement though. It's hard, but it feels good, and we noticed especially the first week that it helped w/ our sore muscles.
I was surprised at how flexable I am getting. It's kinda fun!