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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The weekend- just weighed in

Well, it's working- it'll be a slow process but Billy and I have both lost a couple lbs each and we have not broken once. We have been eating really healthy. And it's not a diet! :) It's a lifestyle change. We are committed to this healthy living and it feels good.

Here's the meal/ exercise update:

Fri- Breakfast: fruit shake
Snack: Protein bar
Lunch: Chicken Salad- mmm, we had left over chicken from when we made fajitas and it was good in the salad- we didn't even need dressing.
Dinner- Leftovers- meatloaf (low fat) w/ a baked potatoe and cooked veggies- carrots, corn and green beans.

We didn't work out- we missed Yoga this week but that is the only workout we missed and I think we are doing pretty good w/ our busy lifestyle and a newborn in the house. So I don't feel too bad about it.

Sat- Breakfast: scrambled eggs (egg whites)
Snack: Peanut Butter protein bar
Lunch: Fruit Shake
Dinner: Hamburgers- extra lean turkey burger on whole wheat bread w/ veggies on side

Workout: Legs and Back. This is a killer! Not as hard as Plyo but it's definetly runner up. Lots of lunges and squats- oh the chair squats are HARD! And calf raises and pullups (or for me it's a back exercise with the bands) any way lots of variety and with the abs it was a good 1 hr 15 min. exercise and it felt good. I'm already getting better with abs.

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